These Remote Bioreactor Controls Will Help You Sleep Easier During Cell Culture Runs

Any scientist that has worked in a development lab with manual experiment control processes knows the feeling: The cell culture run is coming…and so are anxious, sleepless nights and weekends.

Having to manage your cell cultures manually can make you feel like you’re an ER doctor on call during a full moon.

How many times have you returned to the lab in the middle of the night to make an adjustment or do some experiment fine tuning? Or worse yet, how many times have you returned to the lab in the morning only to find that your pH levels changed overnight throwing off your whole experiment.

Sometimes, just staying overnight in the lab seems like the best option.

There’s a better way.

Lab Owl™ is a bioreactor automated control and information system that’s built with development lab scientists’ needs in mind and is backed by more than three decades of success in process automation and manufacturing intelligence.

Lab Owl is an out-of-the-box, highly flexible automated bioreactor control system that empowers scientists to monitor, adjust, and securely control cell culture and fermentation experiments from anywhere at anytime. That means push notifications to your phone by email or text should an experiment alarm get triggered. And you won’t have to travel all the way to the lab to fix whatever might be wrong–you can make any adjustment you need from your tablet or phone.

With Lab Owl, you not only get remote control capabilities, but you also enjoy a function-rich, scalable technology that includes:

DO Cascade Subloop Control

Sophisticated Lab Owl control features can significantly reduce dissolved oxygen (DO) oscillations, leading to a superior protein output. Overlapping the contribution of agitator speed, air flow and oxygen flow maintains the desired dissolved oxygen set points and reduces oscillation, helping to provide more consistent experiments.

Exponential Ramping

The exponential ramp function allows adjustment of the nutrient feed rate in step with the cell doubling rate. This allows scientists to setup the ramp over nights and weekends to make automatic set point adjustments, rather than needing to wake up at 3 or 4 am to change the set point manually.


Lab Owl’s powerful macros empower development lab scientists to create “recipes” to ensure consistency from experiment to experiment. Create a setup macro to ensure that all bioreactors in the control group are configured and setup identically eliminating human data entry error or a condition based macro to trigger a nutrient feed when key parameters conditions are met.

But don’t take it from us, listen to what our partners say about Lab Owl. Fina Biosolutions, a small biotech with limited budget and resources, has completed every single run without an issue since implementing Lab Owl.

“Indispensable to our work!. The incredible ease of setup, configuration, monitoring, and data output make Lab Owl indispensable.” –Lead Technician – Fina Biosolutions

Before Lab Owl, smaller labs and growing biotech companies looking for automated bioreactor controls had limited options. Today, Lab Owl provides labs and organizations affordable access to a scalable, highly flexible and integrated bioreactor control system priced and built specifically for them.

For small to mid sized biotech companies and development labs with limited budgets and resources, Lab Owl can totally transform the way work gets done.

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