Remote Bioreactor Control and Lab Automation Capabilities Have Never Been More Critical to Lab Performance and Safety

Life science companies across the globe are confronting new and unprecedented challenges caused by the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic. 

Whether its medical device companies rushing to produce N95 masks or ventilators, public health academic institutions tracking COVID-19’s spread, or biotechs and pharma companies battling to keep their drug products moving forward in a time of extreme uncertainty, the coronavirus has changed everything.

That includes the number of drug development staff a life science organization can have in the lab at once. It also means these lab techs and research scientists are often the only staff physically onsite, as many of the country’s largest life science companies have issued orders for non-lab staff to work remotely for the foreseeable future.  

With only a handful of researchers allowed in the lab at any one time, the need for remote lab monitoring and automated bioreactor controls has never been greater. 

At Lab Owl, we understand these unique challenges presented by COVID-19 and we’re ready to help in any way we can. 

Lab Owl™ is a bioreactor automated control and information system with extensive remote monitoring capabilities that can help development lab scientists reduce health risks while maintaining the best possible productivity during the COVID-19 crisis. The ability for a lab to keep making the most progress possible while limiting the time needed to be in the lab physically is particularly critical for smaller, emerging life science companies

Our product is an out-of-the-box, highly-flexible automated bioreactor control system that empowers scientists to monitor, adjust, and securely control cell culture and fermentation experiments from anywhere at any time. This means fewer staff in harm’s way without losing any control of your runs or oversight into your bioreactors’ performance or possible red flags. 

Lab Owl can also help lab managers and teams stay on top of lab performance with push notifications to lab team devices by email or text should an experiment alarm get triggered. And lab development team members won’t have to travel all the way to the lab to fix whatever might be wrong — you can make any adjustments you need right from your tablet or phone.

With Lab Owl, you not only get remote control capabilities, but you also enjoy a function-rich, scalable technology that also includes:

DO Cascade Subloop Control

Sophisticated Lab Owl control features can significantly reduce dissolved oxygen (DO) oscillations, leading to a superior protein output. Overlapping the contribution of agitator speed, air flow and oxygen flow maintains the desired dissolved oxygen set points and reduces oscillation, helping to provide more consistent experiments.

Exponential Ramping

The exponential ramp function allows adjustment of the nutrient feed rate in step with the cell doubling rate. This allows scientists to set up the ramp over nights and weekends to make automatic set point adjustments, rather than needing to wake up at 3 or 4 am to change the set point manually.


Lab Owl’s powerful macros empower development lab scientists to create “recipes” to ensure consistency from experiment to experiment. Create a setup macro to ensure that all bioreactors in the control group are configured and set up identically eliminating human data entry error or a condition-based macro to trigger a nutrient feed when key parameter conditions are met.

The ability to automate, monitor and control cell culture and fermentation runs from outside the lab has never been more important for the safety and health of lab teams and for the continuation of the essential work being done to fight COVID-19 and to develop life saving medicines. 

Whether your lab needs help automating lab processes, deploying remote monitoring or integrating refurbished equipment into your growing lab configuration, the Lab Owl team is ready to help the life science community in any way we can during this crisis. 

Contact us today and we’ll figure out a way to get through the coronavirus pandemic together.

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During this challenging time, the health, safety, and welfare of our employees, customers and partners is Lab Owl’s top priority.

Our entire team is working remotely and is operating efficiently and effectively while observing all COVID-19 safety recommendations. We want our customers and partners to know that we’re in this together and we’re continuing to do all we can to ensure your labs and equipment keep running efficiently during this crisis.

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