Lab Owl™ to Share Expertise in Tissue Manufacturing and Cell Culture Automation Technologies at ARMI Spring Summit

Lab Owl™ was recently invited by the Advanced Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI) to participate in several working groups designed to support the New Hampshire nonprofit’s mission. Lab Owl and other working group team members will gather at the upcoming ARMI Spring Summit on June 19th and 20th to collaborate and share ideas on the future of tissue fabrication and manufacturing.

ARMI is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to “…make practical the large-scale manufacturing of engineered tissues and tissue-related technologies, to benefit existing industries and grow new ones.” BioFabUSA, which is supported by ARMI, is a designated Manufacturing Innovation Institute (MII) within the Manufacturing USA Network; it receives core funding from the Department of Defense (DOD) and has five “thrust areas”:

  • Cell Selection, Culture and Scale-up
  • Biomaterial Selection and Scale-up
  • Tissue Process Automation and Monitoring
  • Tissue Maturing Technologies
  • Tissue Preservation and Transport

As a leading bioreactor control and information system company that helps life science organizations improve development lab performance, including the cell culture and fermentation processes critical to tissue fabrication, Lab Owl is in a unique position to help propel ARMI’s mission forward.

Lab Owl will participate in three key ARMI working groups.

  • Tomorrow’s Workforce Characteristics Group, which will identify the required skill sets for the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (TERM) workforce of the future.
  • Technology Working Group (Tissue Manufacture and Bioreactor Culture Charter), which will research and identify the state of technology for in vitro tissue maturation and bioreactor culture in the scalable manufacture of tissue engineered medical products.
  • Technology Working Group (Cell Culture and Harvest Charter), which will research and identify the state of technology for the culture and harvest of cells in the scalable manufacture of tissue engineered medical products.

“We’re not the scientists, educators or hiring managers but we are the process automation and control experts. We can help fill in some of the process and technology blanks and help inform other working group members about what’s possible and what’s needed to deliver the best possible value and end product.”

“We can remind everyone that there is a fair amount of overlap across these processes. Automation solutions can provide strong support for these overlapping areas and be modular and open enough to adjust to the unique aspects of each process. We’re here to reinforce the idea that a common control system platform can handle the entire process without having to create something new every time,” stated Kevin Hannigan, Lab Owl’s President and working group member.

ARMI’s Spring Summit will kick off with a guided tour of the Tissue Foundry where Lab Owl is a key component of the Tissue Maturation Module. The pre-conference workshop will also include working group stations and a brief summary report from each group. Days two and three of the Spring Summit will showcase a host of informative sessions by industry experts on a wide array of topics.

“We’re excited to support ARMI’s mission by attending the Spring Summit and contributing to these working groups because we’re helping to define a process that goes beyond automation. We’re helping to create new end-to-end systems and processes that can really improve patient’s lives. We’re more embedded than we’ve ever been. This is so meaningful to all of us. We’re happy to be able to play our part in bringing life-changing treatments to patients in need,” added Hannigan.

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