Lab Owl™ and Fina Biosolutions Join Forces at BIO 2019 Maryland Pavillion

The theme for this year’s BIO International Convention is, “It starts with one.” As described in their blog, the theme is meant to reflect that “Scientific progress begins with one idea, one theory, one trial, one success. …can have a global impact on tomorrow,” and can “bring new breakthroughs to the world.”

Lab Owl is proud to be sharing a booth this year with our client and collaborative partner Fina Biosolutions (FinaBio) where we will be sharing our journey that began with ONE collaboration.

Come visit us at booth #3427 in the Maryland Pavillion. Sharing a booth at BIO 2019 is a natural outcome of the strong and growing relationship between our two organizations.

“Lab Owl has been key to getting our fermentation project up and running.  The software is remarkably easy to use, the hardware is highly reliable and the support is terrific.  We are excited to be sharing a booth with the Lab Owl team,” stated Andy Lees, FinaBio’s CEO and Chief Scientific Officer.

We met Andrew Lees in 2016 and started collaborating with Fina in 2017 during the development of FinaBios’ CRM197 vaccine component, which was recently licensed to PATH for use in low income countries. CRM197 is an important component to conjugate vaccines, such as for pneumonia and meningitis, both of which are in great demand in lower income countries.

Prior to partnering with Lab Owl, FinaBio was struggling to achieve consistent performance and reliable results with their existing fermenter control system. In addition to the vendor service calls becoming exceedingly expensive, one of them actually resulted in a complete system shut down. Like many of the labs working on critical research, FinaBio had a limited budget to solve these ongoing challenges.

Starting with the careful discovery and active listening by the Lab Owl team, the FinaBio collaboration eventually resulted in the delivery of an automated lab control solution that gave them something that wasn’t possible before: A cutting-edge, integrated bioreactor control and information system with features that were previously only affordable for big pharma companies.  

“We’re very proud of Lab Owl’s role in helping Fina Biosolutions save time, money and human capital across the development and clinical manufacturing processes. These efficiencies translate into favorable pricing models that can help an organization’s bottom line while delivering vaccines at a lower cost to patients in need,” stated Michael Blechman, Lab Owl’s CEO.

Delivering the right tools and systems, at an affordable price, helped Fina Biosolutions scientists advance their critical development work with greater confidence and efficiency. In a press release announcing its CRM197 licensing agreement, FinaBio shared that it was able to provide PATH a unique pricing model that reduced the cost of CRM197 by as much as 80%.

Our successful partnership with FinaBio is yet another example of how removing technical obstacles and delivering scientists the tools to succeed can save costs while accelerating the development of new biotechnologies. The result can not only positively impact the output of that one lab, but it can also have great impact downstream for patients around the world.

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with the FinaBio team and seeing the passion that they have towards their mission of helping to manufacture affordable vaccines for emerging markets. LabOwl™ continues to grow our relationship with FinaBio and to that end we are thrilled to be sharing a booth with them at BIO 2019,” added Blechman.

We believe that this story truly embodies this year’s theme of “It starts with one”, and we’re proud of the one part we played in the global impact that FinaBio is now having with their technology.

If you’re going to be in Philadelphia for BIO 2019, stop by and see us at booth #3427. Both of our teams are looking forward to an exciting conference, reconnecting with old friends and colleagues and making new connections.

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